02.Design and the Play Instinct


  • Rand, P, 1965 Design and the Play Instinct, in Education of Vision, ed. Gyorgy Kepes (George Braziller. 1965) (pp154-173) radn-play.pdf
  • McCorduck p, 1991, Aaron’s Code, San Francisco, W.H Freeman aaron.pdf
  • Brereton, M. F, D M Cannon, A Mabougunje and L Leifer (1996) Collaboration in Design Teams: How Social Interaction Shapes the Product, in Cross, N., H. Christiaans & K. Dorst (eds), Analyzing Design Activity, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 319-341 team.pdf

Check out books and concepts about: The Science of the Artificial, Human Problem Solving Information Processing, and Protocol Analysis


One Response to “02.Design and the Play Instinct”

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