04.Cardboard Furniture Presentation

Feb 3rd is the Cardboard Furniture Design Show Presentation.

Each team would have 5 min to present their designs and design intentions.

Everyone in the class would vote for the best design, most interesting design, or the most sustainable solutions, or the most fashionable, or the most functional, or…

 check out the readings for discussion next week


  • Please put a project document as a post/blog (instruction, picture, design rational, etc) of your cardboard furniture tag it with the 04.Cardboard Furniture Presentation category (if you don’t assign, it would show up as uncategorized).
  • The document should include images, diagrams, or any multi-media file (youtube video of how to assemble or documenting the funcational usage) as appropraite.
  • Guide for document – should be like [instructables] or [Make] or [DIY] style so other people can follow your instructions!

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