AARON raises questions

1. How does an art critque differentiate between good modern art and say, random painting by a layman? Can there be a “turing test” equivalent for AARON?

2. What if AARON also learns from the outcome of his painting? Can it improve?

3. What are the other art forms for which AARON like programs can be created?


One Response to “AARON raises questions”

  1. karen mackay Says:

    Question 3 immediately brought to mind CNC milling machines. AARON is creating two-dimensional art but what about sculpture/3-dimensional art. many artists, such as Michael Reese (http://www.michaelrees.com/Michael_Rees/home2.html) use digital modeling programs and CNC machines to create their work. Rather then designing or creating their own specific works, can we create programs that would allow the machine to create unique works. I still question the ownership of the work – is it the programmer’s or the program? Also, it’s interesting the notion that people recognized the artist’s style in AARON’s work. What does this say about how the program was created? Can artistic style and intent be built in?

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