Cardboard Chair Instructions

We have assembled a Comfort Chair made up of 100% cardboard. The base is sturdy and rigid enough to bear weight up to 120 lbs. It was fun making this piece, and we were done in as little as 2 hours. The trusses of cardboard used inside the seat lends it the required firmness and strength. The back rest as you can see has been decorated using varying-sized pieces of cardboard. It seems like blocks have been fitted together. The seat has been wrapped in gray lining, to give it a look of a steel chair. Feel the comfort as you enjoy your time on the ‘Comfort Chair’.

We are sure this piece has left you fascinated, and you will be wanting to make one yourself.
So common, lets get going.

Material Needed: Cardboard, Glue, Cutting tools, Measuring tape/scale.

Step 1: Form a cubical structure for the base. We have used 3 cubes and joined them together.

Step 2: Inside the base, place trusses of cardboard for providing adequate strength.

Step 3: Stick all the individual boxes together / tape them.

Step 4: For the backrest, start joining randomly cut pieces of cardboard in order to form a beautiful design.

Step 5: Stick this backrest to the seat, with the use of a strong cello-tape.

And voila !!! You are all set to use your Comfort Chair. Use the chair while reading, studying, eating, watching television and much more. Hope you enjoy making the chair as much as we did !!!


3 Responses to “Cardboard Chair Instructions”

  1. What an interesting concept. What about ergonomics for the back? It must very sturdy to hold up a man that size.

  2. Am glad you liked the concept. Thanks a lot..and yes the chair is indeed very strong !!!

  3. what a good looking example of a muscular man! it must be very sturdy, indeed. maybe he will come by the coffee cart on wednesday afternoon!

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