The Night Shade


Step 1: Make the base

Make the base from the corner of a cardboard box.

Step 2: Make the main column

The column can be made from the walls of a box. Cut out one of the sides and spread out the box. Now fold it along it’s longest side to make a column. To attach the sides of the column without using staples, glue, etc, cut slits along the length and insert alternate flaps.

Step 3: Make the branches

Make the branches using a process similar to the main column but using much smaller pieces of cardboard.

Step 4: Cut out a slot into the base to attach the main column

Cut out a slot into the base to insert the main column. Make sure the slot is rotated 45 degrees to provide better stability.

Step 5:  Cut out slots for the branches into the main column

Cut out slots into the main column, and make sure the slot is made in a shape so that the branch sticks out from the main column at 45 degrees.

Step 6: Fit everything together

Step 7: Make origami flowers

Use the origami instructions:

Step 8: All Done – Enjoy your handiwork!

Step 8: Switch off the lights and turn on the black lights!

It’s party time!


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