The Digital Despot, 1.0

Step 1: Cardboard

Use Google Maps to find sources of cardboard. We found 3″ mailing tubes at Office Depot, and strong cardboard boxes at the Georgia Tech cardboard recycling drop-off.

Step 2: The Base

Draw and cut out circles to form the two-layer base of your throne. Several websites are available to help with calculations and unit conversions. To make sure that all your base is sturdy, we recommend using tape to secure the top and bottom.

Step 3: Armrests

The armrests need to be rather strong. We found that folding cardboard along the grain (as in the first picture) was the strongest.

Step 4: Ergonomic Seat

Comfortable seating is an important component in reducing injuries while surfing the net. For the contour of the base, use cardboard filler to form wedges. Then, cut out sides and wrap a single piece of long cardboard over the top for a smooth finish. We also used cardboard to add support to the seat, and improve the overall stability of the throne.

Step 5: The Back

Sometimes, you have to move your chair IRL. To make a detachable back, cut regular boxes down so that they fit tightly between the armrests.

Step 6: Great Success!

You’re now ready to rule the net in your new throne.


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