Compact Home/Lab book shelf

1. Our goal was to design a multipurpose book shelf (hold books, laptop, or bags )
2. The intention was to build a reliable and sturdy book shelf with ability to withstand heavy weights
3. Design –
We bought 4 packaging card boards from home depot.  Then 16 equal sheets were cut  3 parts were used for vertical sides of book shelf and were glued together. 3 sheets were used for the basement. We had two racks  and hence required 3*3 sheets.  Since the racks had to be inserted from the ventral sides, the rack-sheets were reduced to 2/3rd of original size.  A groove was cut on the vertical sides half inch less than the width of racks to avoid approximation errors and tight fit.  The rack’s width was 0.8Th of the original rack sheets. The additional extension of cardboard(flap) towards the edge was stuck to the vertical sides of book shelf.  The design was based on the idea of flapping wings of bird which acts as a major factor towards equilibrium. Additional pieces were used to strengthen the weak portions of cardboard like folds and basement. Everything was glued together and taped.
4. Result –  The shelf was ready which could hold ~ 30- 45 pounds (with few more cardboard’s
can hold more). The shelf could be moved without the need to remove the contents which explains
the steadiness . Should be useful for a student with space constraints at home or in lab


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