Design Protocol data and Novel Design Decisions, Akin, O. and Lin, C
This Paper engages in cross-disciplinary research in design. It focuses on making and we have come to see creativity as grounded in the ability to make things. Though the design cognition and decisions are associated with outcome, the outcome in this case is not a product or a service. Hence the outcome is not considered tangible. Thus drawings and painting act as a source of non-verbal communication to others. Apart from being a medium itself, it also acts as a great source of communication.
The Creator’s Patterns, Howard Gardner
Though the authors stance creating an analogy between creative individuals and childlike spirit, he is not very clear in suggesting which traits in aprticular leads to this creativity. Also at one point in the paper I feel that the author  criticises the concerns and values of other classes. Also unlike what the author assumes in the example of Gandhi, he could be affected by India as well as Africa.
Environments for creativity: a lab for making things, Do Ellen Yi-Luen and Mark D Gross
Here the parameters and principles that were found helpful in organizing and conducting creative work are described. It mainly focuses on viewing creativity as grounded in the ability to make things.
1) Though creativity is all about the artists perception and a very personal choice it does not consider the users perception. The process of converting the users thoughts into design needs to be explored upon.
2) How can creative activities be disregarded. As the creativity seems bizzare to some. Thus a proper discipline is required to connect the two. Do we have a process to connect them.

Anuja Chockalingam

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