Arguments & Questions

Arguments in support of “Design Protocol Data and Novel Design”:

Novel design decisions can be closely linked with drawings. Drawing are generally thought of as a means of communicating your ideas to other group members. It also leads to brainstorming. This article shows that the art of drawing is a powerful means for generating new ideas and developing novel mechanisms.

Arguments against “The Creator’s Pattern”:

In this paper, Gardner argues that creative individuals have an enthusiastic, energetic and child-like attitude. However, he fails to
explain how the child-like traits like stubbornness helps to cultivate creativity. I believe that this point should have been dealt with in the paper.

Questions – “The Creator’s Pattern”:

An interesting question that comes to my mind is that “How can making things be integrated into disciplines that generally disregard these activities?”

A designer takes ownership of the design, and on the other hand they design it so much for themselves that they tend to neglect the users of the design. Is there a way this issue can be addressed? Is there a way for the domain users to join this process?

– Surabhi Satam.


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