Creativity and Design Debate

Discussion of “Design Protocol Data and Novel Design”

  • This paper makes the “argument” for the necessity of constraints for fostering creativity.
  • I find it interesting that the authors treat speech separately in the activity-based model.  It is logical that the speech of the designer is merely a verbalization of other functions.

Discussion of “The Creators’ Patterns”

  • While I don’t dispute that Gardner’s “creators pattern” applies for revolutionary creativity, I do not think that this pattern is universal.  Rather, I believe that evolutionary creativity, would follow a very different, and more subtle, pattern.  Gardner’s prototype is not universally applicable.
  • I agree with Gardner’s point regarding raiding one’s childhood, at least with respect to revolutionary creativity.

Discussion of “Environments for Creativity – A Lab for Making Things”

  • The ‘own your problem’ design model presented in this paper is interesting to me because I’m an HCI masters student.  This approach is the exact opposite from what we are taught in our core classes.  At the core of HCI design, we are taught to take ourselves out the user group that we are designing for.

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