Creativity and Design Debate

Gardner, H, 1994, The Creator’s Patterns, in MA Boden (ed) Dimensions of Creativity, MIT Press, 143-158 gardner-pattern.pdf


I totally agree to Gardner’s revolutionary point of view, especially in the case when he mentions a theory which says a person who is extremely creative will be creative only in his/her field but when it comes across fields they might fail terribly. The thin line of demarcation between creativity and intelligence will be a vague  one forever. Like someone from class argued if does that mean a person is creative if he just creates something which is different from others? Definitely not! That does not mean a person is creative. The more  the creation is argued and critiqued about, the more people know about the pros and cons of the creation. The only mistake whch has led to arguments in the paper is, Gardner has generalised most of his assumptions without considering exceptions. But I really liked his theory of creativity and his another paper which talks about 9 kinds of intelligence was worth reading:-)

ARGUMENTS AGAINST “Design Protocol Data and Novel Design”

I agree to certain extent that Drawing is a means of efficient brainstorming and powerful method of communication. But when it comes to creativity , I definitely think Drawing and design pattern starts the creativity process, but when we reach a certain point of the design, it curbs us from thinking further and the strong image developed till now registers in the mind which prevents us from thinking further. So I think drawing is a powerful means of communication but not CREATIVITY

ARGUMENTS FOR AND AGAINST: “Environments for Creativity – A Lab for Making Things” by Ellen Yi-Luen Do and Mark D Gross

I liked the fact that “creativity is inborn and if a person fails to develop it, education can cultivate it”! This was a bold conclusion and was pretty creative;-)!

But I strongly deny the fact that when we have a problem and a specific goal, we tend to be less creative. Every goal will have hundreds of solution and the best creative solution will be from the best programmer! And removal of ambiguity need not curb creativity.


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