Reading Notes

“Environments for Creativity – A Lab for Making Things” by Ellen Yi-Luen Do and Mark D Gross

+ The paper separates designers from programmers. Occupation or the environment can frame a person’s comfort thinking and working processes. Even though it is more likely a person have both aspects, but the paper provides clear standards to understand the characteristics.

“Design Protocol Data and Novel Design Decisions” by Omer Atkin and Chengtah Lin

– The authors applied scientific analysis methods to isolate and explain the process and components of novel design decisions. However, like the authors said, it was not possible to identify a causal relationship between three activity modes (examining, drawing, and thinking) in rapid succession. I wonder if it is even necessary or meaningful to identify it when the measurement of these modes is still not completely scientifically verified.

“The Creators’ Patterns” by Howard Gardner

? Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate creators from successful people in their field. Is Warren Buffett not qualified for categorized as a creator? Creating new patterns in investment, insurance, or management can be categorized as a combination of logical mathematical intelligence and interpersonal intelligence.


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