How to make table with cubbie holes

by Waleed, Stephen C, and Allan

Originally, Waleed, Stephen, Allan, Anna, and Justin gathered together
with a lot of supplies and an uncertainty of who would build what, but
supplies were gathered and ideas were discussed. Our first step while
brainstorming was to ask, “what furniture do we need?”  Coffee table,
wine rack, wet bar, book shelf, desk, chair, and ottoman. Prototypes
of most were built quickly. A very simplistic coffee table was one of
the first, but was vetoed. As the next prototype, the wine rack/wet
bar, was built individuals polarized and two groups were made.

you will need:
4 liquor boxes with inserts. These are boxes that are used to ship bottles of liquor. You can get these at stores that sell alcohol. Make sure the boxes have the same width (or ideally, get 4 of the same type of box). We had two Makers’ Mark boxes and 2 (12 by 750ml) boxes of Crown Royal.
large piece of cardboard for table top. We used a box that was 36*26 when flattened.
1.5 inch brass fasteners. You can get these at office depot
two pieces of poster paper

Cut the top flaps off of all 4 boxes.

place two boxes such that their bottoms are facing each other (thus, the inserts face opposite directions) and stand them such that their tall sides are vertical (see picture). Place 5 brass fasteners in the pattern of a 5 on a die (on at each corner and one in the middle) (see picture)

Center a 3rd box on either side on the two joined boxes such that the its tall side is vertical as well and the box is in between the two joined boxes and facing in the same direction as one of the boxes. Join the box to the two joined boxes with 10 fasteners in the pattern shown by the picture. You want to make sure you attach this third box to each of the first two boxes using 5 fasteners.

Do the same as #3 to the 4th box on the other side, but having it face the other direction.

Now cut triangles off of the large piece of cardboard. we chose to cut triangles by marking off 5 inches from each corner and cutting diagonally. Cut the two pieces of poster paper such that they are equal length and, combined, cover the surface of the large piece of cardboard. Use 8 fasteners to fasten the paper onto the tabletop and tape down the border between the two sheets of poster paper down the middle. Then attach the table top to the base.

Here a picture of the finished product. It looks exactly the same from the other side:


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