Fundamental System of Human Cognition

Man is a triple knot of the material, of the living and of the consciousizing nature in our three-way determined world. Because of that human essence finds its actual dimensions not so much in the objective manifestations and not completely in the subjective expressions but only in the bosom of spirit, where a measure of the greatness is the degree of the own overcoming. These dimensions represent human freedom in general. Because of that the freedom of every man is realized in three qualitative different spheres:
a) factual freedom – been determined of the benefits at his disposal
b) formal freedom – been measured by his rights in society
c) total freedom – been valued on the raisingness of his spirit.
In its turn his factual freedom has three mutually complementing sides:
a) his personal qualities – bodily, soully and mental, of which he disposes by using himself
b) his recognized property – material, living and ideal things, of which he legally disposes
c) his hierarchical situation – of which he disposes as a material object, as a living being and as a person
Anuja Chockalingam


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