Sketching in UI design/storyboards

As I was reading these papers, I thought about how sketching applies to other domains. I’m an MS HCI student; as such, the ability to sketch out UI ideas and storyboards on paper is one of those implied skills in this field. But I tend not to jump to sketching on paper first when I’m thinking about UIs; I usually jump straight into code and figure things out there. I don’t think I’m a good sketcher and it feels unnatural for me to do so (and I’m not a heavy programmer, really).

I’d like to see how other students feel about this. If/when you’ve worked on UI designs or storyboards, when/how do you sketch on paper first? What do you gain by doing that?


2 Responses to “Sketching in UI design/storyboards”

  1. karen mackay Says:

    I am studying Industrial Design so my output is different, but my sketching skills are less than stellar. I tend to write out all my ideas first – make a list, add ideas get it all on paper. I will do little quick post-it note sketches but in terms of full sketching I procrastinate. I feel pressure for my sketches to look good which pushes me away from doing them, rather than just seeing them as a tool for ideation.

  2. allanbaumer Says:

    I sketch in a bad way. I just doodle a few boxes with descriptions/chains of words. I rarely sketch up a design for how things would look visually. But, I do enjoy the tactile response of paper (even though I have a tabletPC).

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