Project Proposal: Creativity and Intent, Lost in Translation?

I am interested in how we convey meaning to others through the process of creation. How do we communicate a message to another person without the meaning getting lost in translation? Can a person ever really fully explain their creative intent? Can we ever fully understand someone else’s vision?

I am considering creating a series of objects based on the descriptions of either existing objects or pure concepts. I will have a series of creative individuals give me a verbal/written description of an object and I will recreate that object without any of the associated imagery. Once the piece is complete I will allow myself to see the original concept or object. Through this process I want to explore how we communicate ideas to one another, and the ability to replicate what believe is being shown or told to us. What are the implications for this in terms of general human communication? What are the implications in terms of the client-designer relationship? Our job as designers is to interpret the vision, desires and needs of our clients. Is it possible to “see” what’s  in another person’s mind to create what they imagine?

There are lots of questions here. And the project itself may lead to more questions and less hard answers. But I am eager to go on this journey of creativity, creation and translation to see where it will lead.



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