Project Proposal: Creativity and Narratives

As I am interested in storytelling AI systems, I would like to investigate various creativity inspired methodologies which can be used to artificially generate narratives. I am looking to write a paper, and do a literature study. Since I already have background in the AI related aspects of the problem, I do not intend this to be a programming exercise, rather I want to attack with the question ‘What goes on in the human mind when generating narratives?’

I would like partner(s), anyone who is interested in storytelling, and who feels that stories are an important aspect of human intelligence, and someone who looks at creativity as something which deserves to be scientifically studied and quantified. I am really keen on stories and would appreciate assistance of people who read books as if their life depended on them.

Ideas as to what we could investigate:

1. suspense generation in stories

2. Stories and imagery

3. Audience subconscious interactions

4. interactive stories

5. phantasmal effects of stories

6. planning problems

7. effects of subplots



One Response to “Project Proposal: Creativity and Narratives”

  1. allanbaumer Says:

    I think I might be interested in hearing more about this. I have my own idea of a project I want to try for in this class, but I’d be down with this idea.

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