Significance of inspiration sources for effective design making – Project Proposal

Design thinking draws some form of inspiration either from external or internal source and creativity comes out naturally at this inspired moment.

They act as the support for designers in the initial stage and facilitates knowledge acquisition, cognition and mental modeling.

Work done so far:

Sources separately  identified for different design areas like textile, ornaments, automotive & aircraft, graphic design.

Plan for the project:

1.   Based on information obtained from successful designers and from the current research,  analyze the major places from which designers in various fields could draw motivation from.

2. Identify key factors which inhibit or restrict the spaces of creative thinking or bar the creative potential.

3. Understand the effect of external(outside world) and internal(mental) conditions on a person’s ability to get motivated, possible measures one could initiate for the same.

4.  Determine strategies to manage the intellectual resources and maximize the effectiveness of a creative output.

5. Develop an overall mechanism for sustaining a design thinking process to illustrate the role of various sources in it.


2 Responses to “Significance of inspiration sources for effective design making – Project Proposal”

  1. karen mackay Says:

    I think it might be interesting to look at how/why people procrastinate and always the outputs that occur from that procrastination. Designers, like many creators, believe that the pressure that occurs during last minute work actually initiates creativity. Maybe there is a way to simulate that kind of excitement and rush without it actually being last minute?

    I had a professor who always talked about designers having extreme peaks and valleys in terms of productivity. That we slack off and then push hard which exhausts us so we slack off again. We believe that we are being productive but he argued that if we actually sustained a more even and consistent level of productivity we would actually do better, have better designs, create more, etc.

  2. Karen,
    I believe work pressure is a double sided sword. It could either result in a great amount of creative thought process in a moment, or could end up demoralizing or frightening the designer.
    As your professor said, I believe it would be safer if we focus on sustaining or motivation instead of resorting to something risky.

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