Project Idea

About the CDC project, here are two other thoughts:

– create a tabletop version of Finke’s experiment

Users can move, zoom, rotate the shapes on the table.

It can be a multiuser experiment.

The table can record and playback.

A user can use two hands to manipulate two objects at the same time. You can’t do this with pencil & paper.

– a study to find out creative methods of problem solving

Some simple problems like:

How do you calculate 99×99=?

How do you remember your password?

How do you divide a rope into 5 segments of equal length?

Actually, I did a little search on google, and found that creative problem solving is one of the research topic in creativity.

There’re 5 or 6 famous systematic methods for creative problem solving on this page.

I like 2nd one though the idea is very abstract and it needs a lot of work. Anyway, I just finished implementing the 1st idea on an interactive tabletop display.

I dragged some of the symbols to create my name

I create my name using the symbols.

An apple with a bite

An apple with a bite. You can see 4 fingertips manipulating the apple. (idea from SJ)


One Response to “Project Idea”

  1. Gregory Garrett Says:

    I really like the first project idea. It was something I was contemplating myself as a means to overcome the issues with manipulating physical objects and with actually drawing combinations. It should allow the user more opportunities to explore designs, and it would be interesting to evaluate it by comparing output between drawn, physical, and tabletop trials.

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