project ideas

I proposed two possible creativity project that I’m interested in.

First is about collaborative creativity, how a group of people create a creative product together.  In most part of past research are about how technology support the collaboration, what devices to enhance remote or co-located collaboration. However, the question I’m interested is the compare between individual and collaborative creativity. Does collaboration really generate more creativity than individual because of brain storming or what other factors? or the individual work will generate the best result in creativity? I’m thinking comparing the difference between individual and collaborative creativity and also what help in the process of product development in these two different sessions.

The other idea is about personal preference about creativity. I once read a paper about curious agent and artificial creativity. One of its experiment investigates the social behavior of groups of agents with
different hedonistic functions of low or high preferences for novelty. It explores groups of agents that communicate amongst themselves but rarely acknowledge the creativity of agents outside the groups. I’m just wondering if this would happen in human society other than simulation agents. Simply put, if people only interested in the creativity similar to their own, or people can accept generally accepted creative work. If a creative work is too creative to be accepted by its society, can it still be called a creative work?

I think the first one might be more feasible, I’m interested how it would be for the second idea, but it’s still very vague right now. Any comments or thoughts?




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