Interactive Portfolio Review Website Design

1. Introduction

As an industrial student who wants to advertise her capability in design, I come up with the idea of creating a website to collect my pasty years’ design work.

Designers’ value is evaluated by their portfolio during their career life. When seeking job or introducing themselves to clients, showing portfolio documents used to be a traditional way for presentation. However, as we have entered the information epoch, internet has provided a more convenient and diverse way for us to present our ideas. The goal of this project is to combine my product design with a brand new website design. There may not be very complicating function and structure of the website, but the presentation of it will be interactive and interesting for the viewer, which means this website is not solely a “container” of portfolio, its visual effect and structure are of art and digital value by itself. It would be ideal that viewing this portfolio presentation is an enjoyable experience for the viewer.

2. Design Criteria

2.1 Art effect and system identity

This project shall reflect some of the designer’s design style, characteristic and design focus. Rendered by simple animation and cartoon effect, the website shall become a combination of creativity and aesthetics harmony. It should also have a system identity which can be recognized as a featured visual representative of this designer.

2.2 Simple and intuitive interaction

This project is based on a simple frame for user to view designer’s work quickly and easily. There will be interactive design embedded into the interface. For convenience of users, interaction shall be easy and intuitive to identify.

2.3 HCI principle

Because website design is closely related to HCI, the interface shall follow some interface design principles. Also, for users of different age and knowledge ability to understand the interface, text size, bar size will be regulated in the future design.

2.4 Information function

Do not forget the main function of this website is to promote the designer’s work! So designer’s introduction information will be shown on the website on time. For the viewer to memorize this website and designer, there are also tricky parts of color and layout of text shown on page.

3. Observation

There are good examples of website presentation here, many of them inserted animation effect to attract users.

IBM “smart city” presentation:

On-line website design tool:

-Yiran Li


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