Introspection problems.

Boden’s piece made me consider several things that I take for granted. Two of them have to do with my familial bonds and how I was raised. 1- My father encouraged strange ‘synaptic leaps’. To try and connect different ideas together in strange ways. 2- My older brother analyzes several nuances, phrases, and beliefs a person has. A person, for example, would be me. Thus, I am predisposed towards being aware of my thinking and thinking patterns. But, is this based off of my expectation(s) of how I think, rather than actually how I think? However, the arguments against incubation did not convince me against its existence. I often think on problems in small chunks as it strikes my whim, or work through a problem/code/writing while I am not at my laptop. If I’m editing video or writing an essay, I will usually take a few days to put together concepts and ideas in my head that I want linked together. But, I have had moments of ‘spontaneous solutions’ during dreams. I would argue that this type of incubation – a more free form thought process rather than an unthought process – is considerably probable (the dreams most likely coming from a summation of my conscious thoughts).

The creative visualizations chapter made me think of one of my patterns of thinking/problem solving. I sometimes ‘see’ ideas imagined over my vision (like an AR interface, but I’ve thought this way since childhood – 2nd or 3rd grade). Then I look at these ideas and in so doing focus on them. However, when I’m trying to focus on something else I have to look away or make a gesture to ‘slide’ that piece of data to the side for later examination. Thus, to do the image manipulations involved in some of the experiments I would respond in a very haptic fashion where I would take my hand and rotate my wrist accordingly (as if manipulating some unseen interface).


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