Patterns inspire Creativity – Project proposal

How one thinks is determined by how his thoughts connect to one another or how a  new thought is formed in response to trigger.  My idea stems from the latter part of the previous sentence.  Patterns in nature or patterns that we invent form the trigger that form a new thought and give birth to creativity.

My project idea is to study how patterns induce creativity by surveying the following.

1) Birth of patterns – How we started identifying and recognising patterns.

2) Where can we find patterns in our life starting from nature to all that we use in day to day activities

3) How patterns in the past helped people invent or discover creative ideas. How it led to new inventions.

4) The different kinds of patterns that people recognize and how we induce creativity from them.

5) Is it random? How it can be leveraged to create new applications.

6) Can it be automated? If the process of finding or creating patterns can be understood, can it be imparted to a non sentient entity such as a computerized device?

7) A comparative study of creative products, apps or inventions based on patterns in real life. Can we find commonalities?

The end deliverable will be a paper surveying these topics and more coming up with an understanding of what role patterns play in inspiring creativity and if it can be automated and thus simulated by non living beings.


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