Project Idea: Creative Processes in Cooking


1) Do a descriptive study of creative processes in cooking

2) Understand how cooks:

  • Decide on ingredients, techniques, etc.
  • Make modifications in the midst of cooking


1) Find participants who cook >= 3    times/week

2) Impose constraints:

  • Matrix of ingredients
  • Matrix of cooking techniques
  • Time limit

3) Videotape participants while they cook

4) Interview participants about interesting features of the video


A paper that analyzes:

1) Interesting features of cooking videos

2) Participant comments about planning and decision-making

Adriana Fuentes
Supraja Narasimhan
Victor Ondego


3 Responses to “Project Idea: Creative Processes in Cooking”

  1. karen mackay Says:

    I really like this project! I love to cook and would be happy to be one of your subjects.

  2. Hi Karen,

    Thanks of the interest! We will contact you as soon as we have decided on the constraints and how we want to organize it.

    Thanks for volunteering!

  3. Hi Karen,

    We are almost done preparing the constraints for the project. We would like to ask you what would be a tentative time and day that would be best for you to help us on it. Please let us know how your schedule is.


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