Creativity Analysis – Final Project Deliverable


The project “Creativity Analysis” aims to understand the nature of creativity and its relationship with a person’s professional Background. It is a survey project conducted as a part of the course requirement for “Creativity and Design Cognition” in Spring 2010. We try to analyze creativity levels of people/professionals from varied backgrounds. The analysis of the survey results and conclusions drawn actually leads to an educational understanding of the term creativity. This test incorporates Convergent-thinking as opposed to other tests which include divergent-thinking.
Though creativity is purely an aspect of personality we have developed assessment methods using which creativity can be measured. It also showcases the fact that an individual’s thought behavior and thought process is shaped by his profession and his background. The report explains these points in details and substantiates the claim.
Project Report: Creative Design and Cognition
Poster: CDC_Poster (2)
Anuja Chockalingam(902606234)
Luxmi Saha
Surabhi Satam

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