The Painter’s Tale (Aaron)

The painter’s tale is an fascinating article on the works of Harold Cohen, who was an artist using computer programming as his tools of artistry. The beginning anecdote written by the artist himself seemed quite dramatic but vague with no explanatory descriptions for me. However, it became more clear as i read on the story and started to comprehend this fully imaginative mind of Harold Cohen that the anecdote was his way of expressing The Moment he found something utterly new to the world, thus been born. Harold Cohen was an exceptional artist who excelled and thrived at being a traditional artist who showed off his talents even in his early ages but then crossed over to the field of computer science. He then drastically combined the two fields together with amazing success which i believe is truly a work of an innovative and brilliant mind. His work with the Aaron which is his program written and designed by himself to create original pictures is his masterpiece in this whole project. Although the story did not specifically tell, I was fascinated on how he factored his thinking process into programming sequences and adjusted its variables to produce this kind of work. In the first part of the story the author proclaims that Aaron is the first example of art and its encounter with artificial intelligence which I did not agree. As the artist wrote the codes to this program, and with my inquiry into how he must of factored his own innovative imagination when creating art, I had thought this program to merely be a tool which followed the artists train of thoughts of his mind from the beginning. And with all the specifications the artist must have set for the program itself  as the artist himself would think and with random variables to follow will create an original picture, the product of the program couldn’t possibly be called a product of the Aaron. The painter’s tale was a intriguing story of an artist who actually coded his imaginative art creating thinking process which seems a profound work of one man. In my opinion, i think that the programs art work could not be called intelligent product of the Aaron itself, but fully attributed to the mind of Harold Cohen himself to be the master of his art collection.


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