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Posted in 06.Design Thinking & Sketching, Uncategorized with tags , on March 7, 2010 by Andy Wu

About the CDC project, here are two other thoughts:

– create a tabletop version of Finke’s experiment

Users can move, zoom, rotate the shapes on the table.

It can be a multiuser experiment.

The table can record and playback.

A user can use two hands to manipulate two objects at the same time. You can’t do this with pencil & paper.

– a study to find out creative methods of problem solving

Some simple problems like:

How do you calculate 99×99=?

How do you remember your password?

How do you divide a rope into 5 segments of equal length?

Actually, I did a little search on google, and found that creative problem solving is one of the research topic in creativity.

There’re 5 or 6 famous systematic methods for creative problem solving on this page.

I like 2nd one though the idea is very abstract and it needs a lot of work. Anyway, I just finished implementing the 1st idea on an interactive tabletop display.

I dragged some of the symbols to create my name

I create my name using the symbols.

An apple with a bite

An apple with a bite. You can see 4 fingertips manipulating the apple. (idea from SJ)