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Project report : Effect of computers on creativity

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By: Ashwin Pallikarana Tirumala and Lalanthika Vasudevan

Abstract: In this paper we describe the effect computers can have on the creativity of people. We do so by classifying the people into four different groups primarily based on their age groups and their interaction type with the computer. This includes children, adults, business people and gamers in the virtual gaming worlds. The study was done using surveys to directly involve the above groups of people in the surveys in order to arrive at the results of the effects of computers on creativity.

Our poster:



Project Proposal: Effect of computers and new technology on creativity

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Team members: Lalanthika Vasudevan, Ashwin P T

Our project is based on the idea of describing the pros and cons of effects of computer and new technology on creativity. It will cover a wide variety of topics like:

1. Do computers help or hamper development of creativity in children?

2. How do adults perceive the notion of computers related to creativity?

3. Do semi- automated applications help in improving creativity of users as compared to a manual application?

4. Do new technologies in computers improve creative business techniques?

5. Is creativity flourishing or declining because of the increase in the number of the virtual worlds created in the computer?

Based on all the above factors, we plan to provide a fair view of the effect of computers in the growth or decline of creativity in general.


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By Ashwin and Lalanthika

I. Our goal is to design a sturdy chair with a laptop table.
II.  The sturdy chair we built can withstand a person weighing 200 pounds( approximately).
III.  The key in designing the “sturdy” chair?!!
If we stack up pieces of cardboard of a similar shape and tape them up, it gets a high structural integrity thus becoming very stable.
IV. Simple steps to make the sturdy chair.
1. We take huge pieces of cardboard and cut out L-shaped pieces. Depending on the thickness your require for the side pieces/arm rest of the chair, you can stack up the L-shaped pieces. Make two of these for the two arm rests.
2. For the backrest (body) of the chair, you can cut out two rectangles that fit exactly between the L-shaped arm-rests. Similar to the previous case, you can stack up as many pieces of the two rectangles as required to match the thickness of the arm-rest to give the chair a uniform look.
3. For the seating area of the chair, you can again make a shape in the cardboard that would best fit the seating area shape of the chair and create a stack of it to give the required height from the floor.
4. If you wish to give , a traditional sofa appearance, you can place the two rectangles for the backrest above the seating stack of the chair in order to give it an increased height like a head rest.Put all the pieces together and you can either tape them up where required to support the structure or you can use plastic or metal rods with screws on the end of the rods to hold the pieces in place. Upto three rods at the top, middle and the end of the L- shape will hold all the pieces together.
5. Note that to make a stack of a particular shape, you can stick patches of cardboard on a shape to increase its
thickness if you are unable to find cardboard pieces of the same size and shape.This will also reduce the wastage of cardboard.
6. There you go! Your cardboard chair is ready to be used. Using this idea, you can use your creativity to make sturdy chairs of any shape. One important thing to note for ease of preparation of the similar shaped pieces would be to make a prototype of all the pieces first and then cut -out similar shaped pieces for making the stack of that particular shape.
For the laptop table instructions, kindly see the post by Sneha and Hari.