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Simply Awesome!!

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This is a must watch video….excellent and unbelievable!!


Canvas Painting Made Easy

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Canvas Painting made easy

By Madhura P.Tipnis and Radhika Parthasarthy

My project idea

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Canvas painting is my hobby which I have been pursuing since 10th grade. I use the medium oil on canvas for all my paintings. The way to create canvas paintings is that you start with basic sketching. There is very little drawing involved here. Just the basic outline. Then a base color is applied to the entire canvas depending on the picture for eg the sky part is a basic blue, the mountains are basic brown, etc. After the first layer has dried or semi dried, the next layer of color is applied. This process continues so on and multiple layers get added on top of each other. The more the number of layers, the better it looks. There are other details as well which include color mixing, choosing a particular shaped and sized paintbrush, amount of oil, etc which need to be dealt with.

My project idea is to have a software that will help a beginner learn canvas painting by himself well enough to make independent paintings.

The first step is generally to choose an existing painting or a photograph and try to replicate it.

So I thought that there could be a database with various images and photographs categorized as per the difficulty to paint as beginner, intermediate or advanced. Each image in the database will be analyzed first and details about the image will be entered such as the base color, the next color to be chosen, etc. The brushes needed for each stage will be specified. Also color mixing can be explained with the exact quantities of colors needed for each shade. The different strokes needed for a particular texture can be explained in short videos.

Thus this software will help a beginner learn canvas painting by  himself.

I am attaching some of my paintings which I have had a smaller photo of and replicated.

Piece of art!!

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One of my friends uploaded this video to his youtube account.

Very interesting…Take a look

Creativity and children

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I was browsing the web and I came across this article..

It a very interesting read