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Happy Healthy SleepAid

Posted in Uncategorized on May 7, 2010 by Navin Maharaj

This project explores a Context-Aware Home Automation Solution.





Body acoustics can turn your arm into a touchscreen

Posted in 05.Creativity and Design on March 2, 2010 by Navin Maharaj

Finding the keypad on your cellphone or music player a bit cramped? Maybe your forearm could be more accommodating. It could become part of a skin-based interface that effectively turns your body into a touchscreen.

Called Skinput, the system is a marriage of two technologies: the ability to detect the ultralow-frequency sound produced by tapping the skin with a finger, and the microchip-sized “pico” projectors now found in some cellphones.

The system beams a keyboard or menu onto the user’s forearm and hand from a projector housed in an armband. An acoustic detector, also in the armband, then calculates which part of the display you want to activate.

But how does the system know which icon, button or finger you tapped? Chris Harrison at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, working with Dan Morris and Desney Tan at Microsoft’s research lab in Redmond, Washington, exploit the way our skin, musculature and skeleton combine to make distinctive sounds when we tap on different parts of the arm, palm, fingers and thumb (see video).
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Try On Watches at Home Thanks to Augmented Reality! (a Concept)

Posted in Uncategorized on February 24, 2010 by Navin Maharaj

Nooka is one of our favorite brands and these guys created a new way to try on a Nooka watch at home. By using augmented reality technologies – albeit technology that may not work quite yet – you can try on any watch just by putting on a specially coded bracelet. The system senses the position of your hand and lets the Nooka watch appear in 3D right on your wrist. It’s honestly an amazing idea and someone better patent it before Trojan and Victoria’s Secret get their hands on it.

We’ve seen a few of these, including Avatar toys that come to life on your screen, but never have I seen them shown in such a compelling and fascinating manner. If you were flipping through a magazine would you stop and take a photo of a little bug in the corner of the page or are you more likely to peel of a intriguing watch and go to a website to see something even cooler?

AR is finally getting to a point where the uncanny valley has finally been reached. Expect amazing things in just the next few years.


Smart Street Lights Know How To Bloom

Posted in 01.Introduction, 05.Creativity and Design on February 24, 2010 by Navin Maharaj

The street lights in my area have a mind of their own and flicker into life on whim. So when I hear of concepts like the Sustainable City Lights, it makes me go green with envy. It’s not asking too much for an intelligent lighting system that harnesses the solar and wind energy for itself. Lampposts intuitive enough to beam up the LEDs only when people are around, else emit a soft glow! Ah, Wishful Thinking

Adapting itself to the environment, Sustainable City Lights mimic the opening and closing of a flower bud while harvesting the energies. Any surplus accumulated goes back to the main grid for powering other city things…

Designer: Philips Design

The images got cut off a bit, so here’s the link to more info:

Sustainable City Lights by Philips Design
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How to Build a Cardboard Ottoman With Storage

Posted in 03.Cardboard Furniture Design, 04.Cardboard Furniture Presentation, Uncategorized on February 4, 2010 by Navin Maharaj

You will learn how to build a decorative and more importantly, free ottoman that can be used for storage or just putting your feet up.

For all the fun details please visit us at  We are currently enjoying our 15 minutes of fame, because we are being featured on the instructables homepage!

We’ve also got instructions online at

Here’s quick tip for others who wish to post to or took about 24 hours to approve and publish our guide and took 5 seconds. also allows for multiple images per step, while only allowed one.

For all the blow by blow action of constructing our fine piece of furniture, check out our gallery.