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Design Thinking & Sketching – Paper Analysis

Posted in Uncategorized on February 10, 2010 by peterkinnaird


The authors state that:
The use of physical metaphors in all disciplines entails ‘seeing as’ and…there are many examples of metaphors which led to new developments and to important innovations.
What are the differences between physical and spatial metaphors? Are there meaningfully different outcomes when purely spatial metaphors are used?


The authors assert that:
[Quist] constructs variations on themes with which he is familiar. Seeing the new situation as an element, or elements, of his repertoire, and doing in the new situation as he has done before, he is able to make use of his past experience without reducing the new situation to features that conform to a set of familiar rules.
This is a bold statement that is not supported by evidence. The statement makes assumptions about the nature of cognition and weakens the paper without citation or evidence.


The paper presents a really nice set of information categories that could probably be well-generalized to areas of design outside of architecture. See Table 5 (page 12).