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Posted in Uncategorized on February 10, 2010 by Stephanie Ahn

“Environments for Creativity – A Lab for Making Things” by Ellen Yi-Luen Do and Mark D Gross

+ The paper separates designers from programmers. Occupation or the environment can frame a person’s comfort thinking and working processes. Even though it is more likely a person have both aspects, but the paper provides clear standards to understand the characteristics.

“Design Protocol Data and Novel Design Decisions” by Omer Atkin and Chengtah Lin

– The authors applied scientific analysis methods to isolate and explain the process and components of novel design decisions. However, like the authors said, it was not possible to identify a causal relationship between three activity modes (examining, drawing, and thinking) in rapid succession. I wonder if it is even necessary or meaningful to identify it when the measurement of these modes is still not completely scientifically verified.

“The Creators’ Patterns” by Howard Gardner

? Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate creators from successful people in their field. Is Warren Buffett not qualified for categorized as a creator? Creating new patterns in investment, insurance, or management can be categorized as a combination of logical mathematical intelligence and interpersonal intelligence.


Portable Workplace

Posted in 04.Cardboard Furniture Presentation on February 2, 2010 by Stephanie Ahn

Stephanie Ahn, Szu-Chia Lu, & Andy Wu
Design Process

•Brainstorm: free style, use whiteboard
•Finalize: someone pitches an idea that we all love
•Design: face the reality, not really the original idea
•Collect Material: Walmart; Costco; trash carts of the apartment; 6am at Krogger
•Redesign: the material doesn’t fit our design
•Craft: try to solve all engineering difficulties
Step 1. Brainstorming
Step 2. Prototyping
Step 3. Building


Step 4. Finished — Portable Workplace Final Look
It has a table top and a bookshelf.

Final Look


It can be folded and carried around just like a luggage.
Our full report can be downloaded here.

Innovative and creative effort

Posted in Uncategorized on January 26, 2010 by Stephanie Ahn

It was difficult to have a fine grip of what is art and how we conceive Aaron. There are tons of examples in art history that people debate about a piece should be considered as art. If we agree that art appeals the senses or emotions and if Aaron’s drawings appeal the senses or emotions to some viewers, it can be considered as art to certain people. It is meaningless to discuss whether the drawings of Aaron should be considered as art since it depends on perspectives of viewers. The main point that we learn should be the innovative work of Cohen. Cohen is a pioneer who broke new ground in creating art with a computer program. We should not focus on endless debate but focus on aspiring effort on innovation, inspiration, and creativity.