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Smart Street Lights Know How To Bloom

Posted in 01.Introduction, 05.Creativity and Design on February 24, 2010 by Navin Maharaj

The street lights in my area have a mind of their own and flicker into life on whim. So when I hear of concepts like the Sustainable City Lights, it makes me go green with envy. It’s not asking too much for an intelligent lighting system that harnesses the solar and wind energy for itself. Lampposts intuitive enough to beam up the LEDs only when people are around, else emit a soft glow! Ah, Wishful Thinking

Adapting itself to the environment, Sustainable City Lights mimic the opening and closing of a flower bud while harvesting the energies. Any surplus accumulated goes back to the main grid for powering other city things…

Designer: Philips Design

The images got cut off a bit, so here’s the link to more info:

Sustainable City Lights by Philips Design
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Name signified by object

Posted in 01.Introduction on February 21, 2010 by Sagar Khadabadi

Hi, I’m Sagar and my name originates from a hindi word meaning Ocean. Since there is no simple way of signifying that I’m using a boat which should act as a symbol.


Posted in 01.Introduction on January 18, 2010 by Ellen Yi-Luen Do

1. origami exercise – make an artifact that represents the meanings of your name or your character. (check out the flicker image on the side bar, and tag yourself, first name)

2. check out the readings for next week –

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  • Here is the draft reading list for this semester. Please note, some papers are representative, seminal pieces, others are conversation starters, or pointers to an interesting territory, or line of research.